This is the sickest engineering rap of 2015

Varun Aggarwal a self made entrepreneur from Bangalore, India is at his best again. Here’s a video showing how Anu Aunty who is representing our society thinks about what our careers should be.

According to our society If  you aren’t doing engineering or MBBS then you’re wasting yourself for something not worth. The video shows what other’s want you to be but in the end what matters is what you want to be. Its not necessary to be a engineer for the sake of society but you should be someone who you want to be.

Watch the video here



You can’t justify your manhood by molesting a women

Respect each women equally because molesting one of them makes you equally responsible for what can happen to your sister your girl friend and your mother.

You can’t justify your manhood by caring for your sister only. Be responsible enough to take a stand when something wrong happens in front of you.

Here’s a video showing how a gang of guys molest and grope a women and what happens next will make you feel equally guilty too: 

Don’t support or try to justify eve-teasing in any means. Respect women

A Trip To Remember – “Rishikesh”

Rishikesh is a place i would love to visit time and again it is a place you can call hell of a beauty. I just can’t explain the calmness and beauty of that place in words if i’ll try to do that then it would be a crime because no one can explain the beauty of that place in words.


Whether the peaceful riverside of the Ganges or the calmness of the cliffs or the chirruping of the birds in evening everything gives you a unique experience. I can undoubtedly say that it was one of the most wonderful places i’ve ever visited till now the sunset and sunrise all had its own beauty in itself. From the chilly cold water of river Ganges to the wet sand on its shore everything was the best and the waves of river just looks like as if they wanted to talk to me and for once i just forgot that i was the same guy who doesn’t even knew how to swim and started entering inside the tides of Ganges that was the most amazing thing i felt in rishikesh feet dipped inside water and cold breeze flowing across the upper half of my body it was the time when i realized how to set myself free how to loose myself and i realized that it is quite easy to remove worries and stress from my mind


After a 300 kilometers drive we reached this awesome place although we were a bit tired after this journey but still once i saw the beauty of this place all that tiredness was suddenly vanished and i felt relieved and after booking accommodations we started travelling to shivpuri a place 20 kilometers away where all adventure sports are arranged for the visitors in between these two places we found a waterfall named neerdhara which was another soothing place for relaxing.

Love Calmness Purity is what i felt in Rishikesh!!!
Hope You All Will Feel The Same While Reading This :))

Lonliness and my Frienship

Must read…Girl speaking her heart out :))

sanyaverma's Blog

She lives her life her way. From all the ups and downs she has learned that trust no one. She lives in the dark. She believes there is no love left or meant for her. She has a best friend called loneliness. She is with him all the time.
One day a person came he became the  light to her darkness. He became her everything. Loneliness was jealous of him. She was loved by him. One day he vanished without even letting her know. He left her because loneliness was jealous. He thinks she will die without him, but he doesnt know she has a best friend named loneliness that would never leave her. She was left again with her best  friend. Best friend named loneliness.

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Writing – “not my passion it gives me peace of mind”

writing is not a job for me i am not doing it for money or to get famous it is a medium that gives me peace of mind i used to think it will be boring though but as i started writing i found it quite interesting.

Writing about your own ideas and feeling is quite soothing than writing a exam i know it is important too but it gives immense amount of pain. i don’t want to sound tired but can’t help it i know my blogs are sounding a bit dull but that’s not the end how many of you guys have a fantasy of sitting on riverside and write about how you feel actually not many of you would think this a great idea but just try this once and you’ll see the difference.

Cold breeze touching your hair and chilled water kissing your feet and the air around will speak to you in its own unknown language as if it was waiting for you from long time at that time with no worries in heart and no rush of thoughts in your mind you can just sit relax and talk to your inner soul about what you want from yourself and believe me it’ll help you to overcome any type of crisis you are facing or any guilt you are feeling.

All you have to do is to manage few days for yourself a nice place near to nature and then just pull a pen and paper and start writing your thoughts. 🙂

Hope you guys enjoy reading it. I had my share of fun while writing see you all some other time with another post

Confused About The Title – #MyFirstBlog

My life is limited between Sachin Tendulkar’s 100 tons, Cristiano Ronaldo’s skills, Luis Suarez’s gameplay to Steven Gerrard’s dedication for the game. Few heartbreaks a lot of booze many wonderful experiences some friends and few haters.

It’s been very average type of life till now but all i am hoping about is a better future, peace of mind, giving few happy moments to others although it is pretty tough. i am not even sure what i want to do in my life many peoples say “you are 23 now you should be doing this and that” but that doesn’t helps my cause if these suggestion giving peoples have got something that can help me deciding what i should do then it would have been very pleasant for me to hear those lectures but seriously saying i just don’t care about what my next door aunt thinks about me nor i care about how much there son is earning after completing his graduation from a very well known college. huh did i ever asked them about there suggestions or did i ever told them what there children’s should be doing. i love to live close to nature sitting alone in dark soothes my mind and whenever i share these things with anyone they think am depressed. haha i just feel pity on them because whatever they are thinking about me and my life or whatever they think about how it should have been i just don’t wanna change myself and am not change for anyone out there.

I know it is sounding a bit desperate but this was my confessions i wanted to make.

Thanks If you were reading #MyFirstBlog 🙂 #CheersForLife