Confused About The Title – #MyFirstBlog

My life is limited between Sachin Tendulkar’s 100 tons, Cristiano Ronaldo’s skills, Luis Suarez’s gameplay to Steven Gerrard’s dedication for the game. Few heartbreaks a lot of booze many wonderful experiences some friends and few haters.

It’s been very average type of life till now but all i am hoping about is a better future, peace of mind, giving few happy moments to others although it is pretty tough. i am not even sure what i want to do in my life many peoples say “you are 23 now you should be doing this and that” but that doesn’t helps my cause if these suggestion giving peoples have got something that can help me deciding what i should do then it would have been very pleasant for me to hear those lectures but seriously saying i just don’t care about what my next door aunt thinks about me nor i care about how much there son is earning after completing his graduation from a very well known college. huh did i ever asked them about there suggestions or did i ever told them what there children’s should be doing. i love to live close to nature sitting alone in dark soothes my mind and whenever i share these things with anyone they think am depressed. haha i just feel pity on them because whatever they are thinking about me and my life or whatever they think about how it should have been i just don’t wanna change myself and am not change for anyone out there.

I know it is sounding a bit desperate but this was my confessions i wanted to make.

Thanks If you were reading #MyFirstBlog πŸ™‚ #CheersForLife


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