Writing – “not my passion it gives me peace of mind”

writing is not a job for me i am not doing it for money or to get famous it is a medium that gives me peace of mind i used to think it will be boring though but as i started writing i found it quite interesting.

Writing about your own ideas and feeling is quite soothing than writing a exam i know it is important too but it gives immense amount of pain. i don’t want to sound tired but can’t help it i know my blogs are sounding a bit dull but that’s not the end how many of you guys have a fantasy of sitting on riverside and write about how you feel actually not many of you would think this a great idea but just try this once and you’ll see the difference.

Cold breeze touching your hair and chilled water kissing your feet and the air around will speak to you in its own unknown language as if it was waiting for you from long time at that time with no worries in heart and no rush of thoughts in your mind you can just sit relax and talk to your inner soul about what you want from yourself and believe me it’ll help you to overcome any type of crisis you are facing or any guilt you are feeling.

All you have to do is to manage few days for yourself a nice place near to nature and then just pull a pen and paper and start writing your thoughts. πŸ™‚

Hope you guys enjoy reading it. I had my share of fun while writing see you all some other time with another post


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