A Trip To Remember – “Rishikesh”

Rishikesh is a place i would love to visit time and again it is a place you can call hell of a beauty. I just can’t explain the calmness and beauty of that place in words if i’ll try to do that then it would be a crime because no one can explain the beauty of that place in words.


Whether the peaceful riverside of the Ganges or the calmness of the cliffs or the chirruping of the birds in evening everything gives you a unique experience. I can undoubtedly say that it was one of the most wonderful places i’ve ever visited till now the sunset and sunrise all had its own beauty in itself. From the chilly cold water of river Ganges to the wet sand on its shore everything was the best and the waves of river just looks like as if they wanted to talk to me and for once i just forgot that i was the same guy who doesn’t even knew how to swim and started entering inside the tides of Ganges that was the most amazing thing i felt in rishikesh feet dipped inside water and cold breeze flowing across the upper half of my body it was the time when i realized how to set myself free how to loose myself and i realized that it is quite easy to remove worries and stress from my mind


After a 300 kilometers drive we reached this awesome place although we were a bit tired after this journey but still once i saw the beauty of this place all that tiredness was suddenly vanished and i felt relieved and after booking accommodations we started travelling to shivpuri a place 20 kilometers away where all adventure sports are arranged for the visitors in between these two places we found a waterfall named neerdhara which was another soothing place for relaxing.

Love Calmness Purity is what i felt in Rishikesh!!!
Hope You All Will Feel The Same While Reading This :))